History: 1990s

1990s 1999 Introduced Evenness testers KET-80III/B and KET-80III/C.
Introduced Tri Chord Clearer.
Participated in ITMA '99, France.
1998 Introduced foreign fiber sensor MicroEye, or MCE.
1997 Contracted with Garnett Controls (WIRA), UK, to sell and service their instruments.
Introduced CV% unit that is adapted to CFT-II.
Introduced optical yarn clearer sensor SU-35.
Participated in the 6th OTEMAS.
1996 Introduced yarn clearer SKC for the winder ESPERO of Savio, Italy.
1995 Introduced yarn clearer KC-INSIDE for the winder Mach Coner of Murata.
Introduced Hairiness-diameter tester LASERSPOT LST.
Introduced Evenness testers KET-80II/B and KET-80II/C.
Participated in ITMA '95, Italy.
1994 Contracted with MESDAN, Italy, to sell and service their testing instruments.
Introduced yarn clearer KC-60EX for the winder AC238 of Schlafhorst, Germany.
Introduced yarn clearer KC-60II and Evenness tester KET-QT with 4 sensor units.
1993 Participated in SHNAGHAITEX '93, China.
Introduced Classifiber KCF.
Contracted with CSIRO, Australia, to sell and service their instruments.
Moved the head office to Amagasaki.
Participated in the 5th OTEMAS.
1992 Participated in ATME '92.
1991 The president Mr. Fujikawa was installed as chairman.
Mr. Okuda was designated to the president.
Moved the factory to Amagasaki.
Participated in ITMA '91, Germany.
1990 Introduced Labobank system for KET-80/B and KET-80/C.
Began sales and servicing of all products of Textechno, Germany.