History: 1980s

1980s 1989 Participated in ATME '89 and the 4th OTEMAS.
1987 Introduced new yarn clearer KC-60 with individual automatic-gain-controller.
Exhibited KET-80/B and KET-80/C at ITEX '87, China.
Exhibited KET-80/B, KET-80/C, CFT-II and KC-60 in ITMA '87, France.
1985 Introduced new instruments of CFT-II and KC-40T at the 3rd OTEMAS, Osaka.
Exhibited CFT-II and KC-40T at ATME '85, USA.
1984 The president Mr. Kawaguchi passed away.
Mr. Fujikawa was installed as the successor to Mr. Kawaguchi.
1983 Introduced digital yarn clearer KC-50 with CMOS technology applied.
Peacefully terminated the technical tie-up with Zellweger Uster.
Exhibited KET-80/B and KC-50 in ITMA '83, Italy.
1981 Introduced yarn clearer KC-40 and KC-10 with Integration Circuit technology applied.
Introduced Evenness testers KET-80/B for spun yarn and KET-80/C for continuous filament with computer technology firstly applied in the world.
1980 Closed the Nagoya branch.